Dear Stadia Friend,

We love Stadia’s heart and commitment to never stop planting churches until “Every child has a church!” We join you in celebrating past Stadia planters as well as the new generation of Stadia church planters that are rising up to bring the hope of Jesus to the world.

We are excited to offer The Sparkle Box as a discipleship tool. It’s a simple way to demonstrate how to live out Jesus’ call to love those in need—and in the process discover true joy as we honor Him. All glory to God, as this book is truly His.

Please check out the FREE resources at right, including Greg Nettle’s amazing, four-part sermon series that brings The Sparkle Box’s message of living Jesus’ love in the world to life—and the four part bumper series that is sure to capture the attention and hearts of those attending your church this Christmas.

In grace and peace,
Jill Hardie

PS: Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. We would love to discuss how we can help you use The Sparkle Box as a powerful discipleship tool this Christmas!

A foldable Sparkle Box is included in the back of every copy of The Sparkle Box book.

  • A four-part sermon series by Greg Nettle
  • Additional ideas for incorporating The Sparkle Box into a single weekend sermon
  • Customizable bumpers for single use or use within a series
  • The Sparkle Box on DVD for church reading
  • A PDF of The Sparkle Box book cover for promotional use
  • List of worship songs that tie into the message of The Sparkle Box
  • Staging resources
  • Discussion questions for groups of all ages

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Artwork featured above is from The Sparkle Box, published by Ideals Children's Books.
Art copyright © 2012 by Christine Kornacki. and its contents are copyright protected by Jill Hardie.

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