"The Sparkle Box brought our church together in a way I had never witnessed before. We all look at Christmas differently. This book and program helped our church members see that each of us can play a role in changing the world."
– Sean Kelly
Lead Minister, Greenford Christian Church

Create a compelling Advent or Christmas program based on this ECPA Christian Book Award winner.

The heartwarming story and beautiful illustrations will inspire your congregation to put into action Matthew 25:40: "Whatever you have done for the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you have done for me."

When you lift up a gift to Jesus on Christmas morning for no other reason than to express your love for Him, something changes. It happens in the heart. The true blessing of giving is a message that becomes felt knowledge. And that changes everything!

The Sparkle Box Christmas program:

  • Honors Jesus as you and your congregation remember Him on His birthday with a gift that lives out His teachings
  • Scales for a church of any size, from 50 to 5,000+
  • Supports new and existing outreach initatives – local and global
  • Inspires members of all ages to reach out to those in need
  • Brings a sense of renewed joy to the Christmas season

Resources for Church Leaders

For church leaders, a four-part sermon series by Greg Nettle

Week 1:  The Sparkle Box
Week 2:  A World Where No One is Hungry
Week 3:  A World Where No One is Thirsty
Week 4:  A World Where No One is Lonely

A four part bumper series for churches

High resolution is available on request with a church book order. Text-free versions are also available for churches that would like to customize their message.

Week 1:  The Sparkle Box/Jesus
Week 2:  A World Where No One is Hungry/Children
Week 3:  A World Where No One is Thirsty/World
Week 4:  A World Where No One is Lonely/Neighbor

Two customizable high resolution graphic video intros

Download Videos

Explore more ideas for churches from our readers.

I read the book to the children in my church the Sunday before Advent started for the children's message. We put a sparkle box in the narthex of the church. Each person was given a piece of paper with "My gift to Jesus(act of kindness)" printed on it 4 times with space to write about their gifts. The kids and adults will bring these back to church each Sunday of Advent, and the pastor will open the sparkle box and read the contents at our worship service Christmas Eve.
– Sally Newbury, IL

I shared The Sparkle Box last year with my Senior Pastor (I'm the Children's & Youth Ministry person), and this year we are building our entire Advent worship plan around it – complete with an extra-large Sparkle Box for the congregation to put their notes into!
– Moira Darone, Alameda, CA

I bought the book for my Niece and Nephew for Christmas, and as I read the book through, I thought it was a great idea to present to the Christian Ed Committee. It snowballed from there, now we are having an event at church called "Let's do Christmas”... an area will be there for the making of Sparkle Boxes with an explanation about them. We are hoping to spread the tradition in our area!
– Barbara Snyder, Cowansville, PA

Our church has been given the opportunity to host the yearly Christmas Eve service at the local ski resort for visitors and condo owners. In the past few years we have had over 200 people attend from all over the world so there are many traditions represented in the room. We present the story of Christ's birth and the true biblical meaning of Christmas through Bible reading, drama and hymns. This year we are reading "The Sparkle Box" and are encouraging people to give.
– Pastor Greg Sumner, Vernon, BC


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