Special Materials for Schools and Groups

The Sparkle Box is a story for people of all ages that just happens to be told in a beautiful, picture book format! If you are a teacher or group leader and would like to share the Christmas tradition of The Sparkle Box, we have materials geared to all ages to help you communicate and enjoy this tradition.

For Children and their Parents

If you plan on reading the book The Sparkle Box and making a Sparkle Box with your students, this take home paper explains the tradition.

Take Home Paper

Additional materials you can print for parents...

How to make choosing a gift for Jesus meaningful for your child.

Choosing a Gift

Ideas to make the Sparkle Box moment shine on Christmas morning.

Make the Sparkle Box Moment Shine

Printable slips of paper make it easy to write down your gifts to Jesus.

Can't write? Choose slips that allow room to draw a picture of your gift

Printable Slips - Write Your Gifts

Printable Slips - Draw Your Gifts

Other motivational materials

Sparkle Box Cover Coloring Page

I want to Sparkle! Coloring Page
A special place to illustrate how you want to shine like Jesus.

Sparkle Box Chore Chart

Sparkle Box Sample Chore Chart

For Adult Group Members

People of all ages are transformed by the powerful act of worshipping Jesus with a gift on Christmas morning.

If you'd like to share the tradition with your adult members, this handout helps communicate this special Christ-centered, Christmas tradition.

Adult Handout

For Additional Ideas

Visit the Stories page to read some excellent ideas for churches that readers have shared. Do you have plans to implement The Sparkle Box tradition in your church? We'd love to hear your ideas!

Present your gifts to Jesus.

Encourage this beautiful moment! Even if you have a group Sparkle Box that you are using in a classroom or other group setting, encourage those you are teaching to put the gift in their own Sparkle Box at home too. Tell them on Christmas morning, before any other gifts are unwrapped, The Sparkle Box is opened and gifts are presented to Jesus. It's never about earning loveā€¦ it's about expressing pure love for Him. It is an intimate, pure moment of worshipping Jesus with a gift chosen for Him on this special day!

Single, married, in any stage of life, with or without children at home, taking the time to give a gift to the greatest gift of all is a humbling, beautiful, heartfelt moment of JOY!

Jill and her husband, Tim, like to say a simple prayer and have each person in the family take a turn reading their gift to Jesus.

Dear Jesus, thank You for coming to be a light to our world. These gifts are for You, in honor of Your Birthday. For You taught us, whatever we do for those in need, we do for You... (proceed with reading your gifts).

Ideas from our readers!

We will read The Sparkle Box to all our Sunday School-aged kids, pre-school through 5th grade. The kids will write down their "gifts to Jesus" on a piece of paper and that paper will be displayed on a bulletin board decorated especially for The Sparkle Box project. We're excited to see what the kids decide to give to others!
– Debby Mason, Geneseo, IL

Our Women's Sunday School class read The Sparkle Box the week after Thanksgiving. We decorated a box with "jewels" that represented things for which we were thankful. Each week women wrote on slips of papers gifts they had given to Jesus that week and put in the box. At our Christmas get-together we passed the box around and pulled out the slips of paper and read all the acts of ministry that had been done in Jesus' name.
– Jane Koppenheffer, Mechanicsburg, PA

We will read The Sparkle Box as part of our Birthday Breakfast for Jesus elementary Sunday school event. Children will go home with a sheet that has a blank chore chart on one side and a few suggestions for making their own Sparkle Box at home. A few of us are even getting together with boxes, bags, jars, wrapping paper, ribbon and glitter to make a few examples for parents to see!
– Lorene Lamb, MA

Each class will have a Sparkle Box where the kids will put money each week toward buying jackets and blankets for children in India and Nepal. Each child who gives money will write it on a jacket or blanket shaped die cut and we'll hang them on our bulletin board to show our progress. Thanks for the inspiration!
– Kris Lackey, OH


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