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The Sparkle Box has inspired amazing acts of kindness that have touched hearts of all ages. Watch and read these stories from our readers, and share your own!

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The Sparkle Box Impacts Pastor's Family at Christmas

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The Sparkle Box Heartwarming Stories at Christmas

Entire Church Uses The Sparkle Box and Transforms Christmas

"Our Christmas was changed . . . the most amazing Christmas we ever had.”

A family reads what's in their Sparkle Box.

$10-$15 in tips is everything to a homeless person.

Children sleeping on the floor get beds.

Miami Valley Christian Academy Students invite others to take The Sparkle Box Challenge!

There is a fire within all of us to make a difference.

The Sparkle Box inspires a community to build a home for a family in need.

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My husband and I were usually so hung up on the rush of the Christmas season that we weren't able to slow down and enjoy Christmas. We were stressed and exhausted trying to race to the finish line. We somehow lost the real joy of Christmas and the true meaning got lost in the hustle and bustle. The little book, The Sparkle Box changed things for us. It spoke of doing things to honor Jesus on His birthday. Yes, we still enjoy the lights, seeing our Grandchildren with Santa, the Christmas music, being with family and friends. But the real blessing for us – what has brought us true joy and a new peace about Christmas is being able to bless others. Each time we add something to our Sparkle Box, we are blessed knowing that we have done something for others in Jesus' name. This is a picture of us with shirts that we are sending with a missionary that is helping an impoverished community in Mexico.


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