Gift Ideas for The Sparkle Box

What is a Sparkle Box?

If you haven't read The Sparkle Box book, written by Jill Hardie and illustrated by Christine Kornacki we'll let you in on a little secret. The Sparkle Box is a special box you put under your tree for Jesus. It's a gift for Jesus, and you fill it with things that will honor Him and bring Him joy on Christmas Day – His birthday! The Sparkle Box is included with the book, but you can use any box for Jesus' gift.

What can you put in The Sparkle Box for Jesus?

Presents are meant to bring us joy. So when you ask yourself what you should put in Jesus' Sparkle Box, think about the things that make Jesus happy.

Jesus loves when we take care of each other. As Sam learned in The Sparkle Box book, some people don't have enough food to eat, blankets to keep them warm, or clean water to drink. A gift that helps someone in need is the perfect gift to give Jesus on His birthday. It will make Him so happy to know you gave to others in His honor.

Where can you find gifts for Jesus?

Local charities, service organizations and churches offer great ideas for gifts, including food and clothing drives.

Network for Good™ is the internet's leading charitable giving resource and an excellent place for parents and children to go to research charitable giving opportunities. Over one million charities registered in the United States are featured on Network for Good.

Network for Good

What if I don't have money to purchase a gift?

Honor Jesus with a special gift of time or an expression of love. Just like you enjoy getting a special gift on Christmas morning, think about what you can do that is EXTRA special, just for Jesus, in His honor. Here are a few ideas:

How do I put Jesus' gift in The Sparkle Box?

Like Sam's parents, you can write your gift or gifts down on pieces of paper and put them in The Sparkle Box. On Christmas morning you can read the gifts out loud to Jesus.

Printable slips of paper make it easy to write down your gifts to Jesus. Can't write? Choose slips that allow room to draw a picture of your gift

Printable Slips - Write Your Gifts

Printable Slips - Draw Your Gifts

Presenting your gifts to Jesus.

On Christmas morning, before any other gifts are unwrapped, take a moment to open Jesus' gift and bask in the warm glow you are sure to feel when you celebrate Jesus' miraculous birth, and honor Him in the present with a gift that will bring Him joy.

Jill and her husband, Tim, like to say a simple prayer and have each person in the family take a turn reading their gift to Jesus.

Dear Jesus, thank You for coming to be a light to our world. These gifts are for You, in honor of Your Birthday. For You taught us, whatever we do for those in need, we do for You... (proceed with reading your gifts).

For more ideas on making The Sparkle Box moment special, see Activities and Resources.


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