Families… There are many great ways to make choosing a gift for Jesus meaningful for children!

Discuss the different kinds of needs there are in the world.

  • Talking about charities, service organizations and needs in your community is a great place to start.
  • NetworkforGood.org is a great resource to explore together with your child. It lists over one million charities registered in the United States.
  • You may want to think about issues you want to educate your children about and use Network for Good and its accompanying links as a resource.
  • It's always a good idea to review information before sharing it with your child to make sure it's age-appropriate.

Explore issues or concerns that touch your child's heart.

  • Does your child have a heart for animals? God loves His creatures and there are many charities that help take care of them.
  • Is your child an avid recycler? Look for charities that protect the Earth God made.
  • Does your child worry about children who are abused? Teach them they can make a difference by supporting a child advocate charity.
  • Most children can relate to issues surrounding basic needs like food, clothing and shelter. If your child hasn't shown empathy for a specific cause, charities that support basic needs are a great place to start.

Encourage them to contribute their own money toward Jesus' gift.

  • Consider making a chore chart that lists special chores they can do to earn money they can use to buy a gift for Jesus.
  • Consider matching their contribution.
  • Some children like the feeling of buying a gift "all by themselves." Help them find things they can afford to buy. Like Sam in The Sparkle Box, they can purchase a pair of mittens.

Empower children with the message Jesus taught us: We can make a difference. As you discuss ideas with your child, reinforce the beautiful message that Jesus shared – we are the light of the world. We are meant to shine His love through the things we do for each other.

For children who are not able to read yet, you can help them glue or tape a picture that represents their gift to Jesus on a slip of paper and put it in The Sparkle Box. On Christmas morning, when the slips of paper are read to Jesus, they will be able to participate in sharing their gift!

Sparkle Box Cover Coloring Page

I want to Sparkle! Coloring Page
A special place to illustrate how you want to shine like Jesus.

Sparkle Box Chore Chart

Sparkle Box Sample Chore Chart

Printable slips of paper make it easy to write down your gifts to Jesus. Can't write? Choose slips that allow room to draw a picture of your gift

Printable Slips - Write Your Gifts

Printable Slips - Draw Your Gifts

Present your gifts to Jesus.

This is a beautiful moment! The moment that changes everything! Don't miss it!
On Christmas morning, before any other gifts are unwrapped, have your children open their gifts to Jesus and read them to Him. It's never about earning love… it's about expressing pure love for Him. It is a true moment of worshipping Jesus with a gift chosen for Him on this special day!

Single, married, in any stage of life, with or without children at home, taking the time to give a gift to the greatest gift of all is a humbling, beautiful, heartfelt moment of JOY!

Jill and her husband, Tim, like to say a simple prayer and have each person in the family take a turn reading their gift to Jesus.

Dear Jesus, thank You for coming to be a light to our world. These gifts are for You, in honor of Your Birthday. For You taught us, whatever we do for those in need, we do for You... (proceed with reading your gifts).

Discover more ideas from our readers!

I have The Sparkle Box sitting on my fireplace mantle. I am putting slips of paper in it with things my daughter and I are doing this Christmas season for Jesus including delivering meals to the needy at Christmas, ministering to a local boys home and filling a KARE package.
– Donna Eleo, Canton, OH

My oldest daughter loves to pass food out for the food bank. We do that once a month. My youngest daughter plays violin for the assisted living around the corner every Sunday.
– Leigh Ann Phillips, Kahului, HI

I was excited to share The Sparkle Box with my children. They were so moved by the book that they asked to shop in the Compassion catalog with part of the money we were going to spend on their Christmas presents!
– Jennifer A. Janes, AR

My wife and I built a house, sparked by the Sparkle Box book for a grieving family. GOD has Blessed us so we can Bless someone else! GREAT Community involvement!
– Harry Pierce, Rome, GA


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